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Your Reading and Writing Skills

These classes will help you become a better reader and writer. Each class focuses on a different aspect of reading or writing. Sign up for the one that suits your needs today!

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Engage with the Arts

These fun, enlightening classes will introduce you to concepts and works in the fields of music, theater, art, film, and more! Our instructors will help you see deeper into what makes these works important and how they intersect with our society and humanity.

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Poetry for Seniors

Our popular Poetry for Seniors program travels monthly to different retirement communities around Austin to read and discuss poems. These classes create meaningful moments of connection!

Interested in having us visit? Click the button below!

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Telling Our Stories

A deep dive, multi-session course focusing on telling stories about our lives and reading stories of others. Part memoir, part book club - these classes are warm, safe places to share our lived experiences and learn more about those of others.

New Classes Coming Soon!

We're getting ready for 2022! We're still putting together our complete list of classes, but so far our spring line-up will include:

Laugh, Fight, Cry - A Short History of Anime

Explores the history of anime. When and where did it begin? Why are Americans so obsessed with it? What kinds of themes does it explore?


No One Says Hunger Like I Do - Billie Holiday’s Big Dream 

Explores the short expressive essay “My Big Dream” by Billie Holiday. Explores the concept of “values” as expressed by Holiday. Also explores race, gender, and historical context of the Jazz Age.


Twisted Takes - How to Read the News

Students learn key skills in how to identify “twists” on information, biased writing, and what makes a source “valid.”

Black Panther and You - a Hero’s Journey

Explores the concept of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as it applies to the movie Black Panther. Then discussion turns to identifying one’s own life as a hero’s journey.

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