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  • What is humanities education?
    Great question! The "humanities" are generally thought of as a collection of classes that include fine arts, history, culture, literature and music. These are classes that teach us what it's like to be human and they explore the human experience (thus, HUMANities).


  • Who can attend a class?
    Our classes are intended to be open, welcoming spaces for learning
     for the general public. Most classes are geared towards adults and older teens. We hope to have a few classes for children in the future.


  • How much does it cost to take a class?
    Most classes are free! Donations gladly accepted. 


  • How do I take a class?
    Simply visit our calendar of classes and register - easy!


  • What does "Class Libre" mean?
    Our name is also a subtle reference to verse libre or “free verse,” a form of poetry that broke from formal, traditional uses of meter and rhyme and tended instead to sound more like natural speech. Similarly, Class Libre desires to liberate humanities teachings from being primarily in the environment of the traditional, formal classroom.

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